Svetlana Kalnitski

Svetlana Kalnitski Travel agent

A graduate of the Pomor State University faculty of history in Russia, I have been a Canadian citizen since September 2002.

I have been involved in the travel business since 1996, back in the days where I used to work in Turkey. This is where I learned the basic and got my most important experience in tourism. It allowed me not only to get the insight of tourism but also to understand it in details.

That is why I had no doubt when I came to Canada where I wanted to work.

I have been working at Avia Voyages for more than seven years now and it has been a real pleasure. I very much like my job, my colleges and, of course, my clients.

It’s important for me to know that my clients can leave for their trip with peace of mind, knowing that they can count on me and the all Avia Voyages team for any question related to their travels.