The special architecture of its small white house's seems to be hung on the dark cliffs walls. With the sea all around, this island is surely one of the most beautiful jewels of the Mediterranean.
The Loire Castle
Jewels of the French renaissance come and play in the Courtyard of the Kings of France.
A historical and legendary city. It was created by the gods but forged by man. A city meant for a goddess.
Come and admire the splendour of the sunsets, gem of the Pacific crown.
City of lights. Kingdom of culture. Delicious gastronomy. It is a Divinity in motion.
Maya ruins
Remains of a civilization from the dawn of time.
Caribbean Island
The sweet and tranquil sight of Palm trees under the blue sky
Passion Island
Where time and space joined themselves in harmony.
Caribbean Island
Where the sweet breeze of the Caribbean is matched only by the warmth of its people.
Saint-Petersburg , Russia
Former capital of the Tsars of Russia. City classified World heritage from UNESCO.
A land of welcome, where the beauty of its landscape makes one with the richness of its culture.
Standing at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, it is the Pearl of the imagination.
A world beneath the sea
Come and discover the splendor of the aquatic world.

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Since the opening of the former Communist block countries, a new world opens at your feet. Discover the romantic charm of Prague, or even admire the treasures of the Tsars of Russia at St. Petersburg Palace. For those who love the heat, the fabulous beaches of Viet Nam are as beautiful and relaxing than those of Cuba.

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    Let the warm Polynesian culture fulfill your hearth.



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    An experience filled with unique attractions, the quality-price ratio is exceptional and incomparable quality of luxury.

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  • Je voulais simplement vous remercier d'avoir pris le temps de "tenter" de me trouver un billet d'avion afin d'accompagner mon amie Hélène Draper, à Kiev. Je sais que c'était une commande de dernière minute et le miracle n'a pas eu lieu... prix raisonnable de Moncton NB. Enfin, je tenais simplement à vous remercier pour vos efforts - et qui sait, peut-être que la prochaine fois...

    Bon début de semaine,
    Dyane Léger

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