How to get a visa for Russia?

Type de Visa / Visa type / length of stay:

  • Tourist visa; 1 months maximum, (single or double entries);
  • Business visa; 1 year maximum (single or multiple entries).


  • Normal period (all types of visa) 14 to 15 days;
  • Urgent deadline (all types of visa) see options emergencies * off port of return, from the date of receipt of your complete file and unless last minute of consular time changes.

Period of validity of the visa obtained and length of possible stay: arrival and exit must be within the entrance and exit date requested and mentioned on the visa and no longer.


  • Original passport with at least two free pages still valid at least six months after your stay in Russia;
  • A (3, 5 x 4, 5 cm) Picture pasted on the form;
  • A Visa application form; duly completed, signed and dated;
  • If for Tourism Visa: Voucher and confirmation (voucher of the hotel or the Russian Agency.);
  • If for Business Visa: A telex of approval or an invitation letter valid for the duration of the stay and issued by the Russian authorities;
  • Tourism / business: for > 3 months stays or for visa applicants of multiple entries, provide a certificate of HIV analysis negative.

Same day Visa:

View the influx of requests currently to the Russian Consulate; provide copy of airfare for a departure the next day or the day after.

Important !!! Fill all entries of the official form of the Embassy with precision to avoid any delay!

For the following entries here:

  • For a Voucher with 2 x entries: include 2 dates of entries and exits. 2 stays must be carried out in the interval of a month for a cumulative period of 30 days maximum;
  • Sur les documents à remettre au Consulat de Russie, la signature doit être identique à celle du passeport ;
  • Do not forget to indicate the number of the insurance contract in question No. 16 of the visa application form.

Formulaire de demande de visa dûment rempli, signé et daté avec une photo (format 35 mm X 45 mm (1 3/8" X 1 3/4"), ne pas couper le photo) collée;