Irina Elsukova

Irina Elsukova Vice-President

I have always travel much in Eastern Europe. This is why, when I first came to Canada in 1992, I knew in advance what I wanted to do. At the end of my professional diploma in travel marketing in 1995, I was able to acquire my first experience in the area as a tourist guide of Montreal. Coupled with my two years study at the Institute of tourism and hospitality of Quebec, the knowledge acquired allowed me to get the confidence and experience necessary to open my own agency. Thus the birth of Avia Voyages in March 2002. My ideal was to create an agency in the image of its customers, and this is what I did.

Since the beginning of Avia Voyages, we worked very hard to put together a team not only experienced and competent but also dedicate to its customers. Each Member of the team of Avia Voyages loves to travel and that is why known your expectations and needs. Each trip brings a new destination, whether for a holiday or an exploration destination, our goal is to share this experience with you.

Whether it’s for holiday or business, Avia Voyages will surprise you by the quality of its attentive service and the professionalism of its agents. Therefore, I invite you to visit our website or simply come down and see us in person and let us take care of your dreams. The all team of Avia Voyages is at your disposal.