Air travel

Air travelYou don’t have a ticket? An electronic ticket can be used for your air transportation to your destination. And its use is very simple: All you have to do is to present a valid photo ID (17 years and over) in order to obtain your boarding pass.

No boarding pass? Most airlines don not issue boarding pass in advance anymore. You must register at the airline counter or at the gate.

Temperature can affect air transportation and can cause delays or cancellations. Airlines are not responsible for additional expenses incurred in such circumstances.

All efforts are made to accommodate your seating preferences; however this is not always possible. The Middle seats must always be assigned during a flight filled to capacity!

Feel free to contact us to inquire about the weight of baggage allowed. Indeed, the weight and the number of suitcase allowed by the airlines varies depending on the destination. For example, for Europe, airlines will allow 1 suitcase of a maximum weight of 23 kilos, but for the Middle East 2 bags of 23 kilos each will be allowed.

Be sure to clearly identify your luggage. Even if it rarely occurs, luggage can get lost on the way. Bags and suitcases duly identified with address of residence greatly facilitate their return to its owner.


TransfertsYou have chosen to let a professional take you to destination:

If you belong to a larger group, you will probably travel by comfortable bus. Make sure that your luggage’s are clearly identified and that all your bags are on the bus.

If you are travelling alone, check with the company that handles your transfer before you pick up your luggage’s. Counters are usually near the baggage carousels. They will tell you the place to go for transport. Confirm your transfer back to the airport. Check the time at which it will pick you up at the hotel.


LodgingYour Avia Voyages travel agent can advise and help you find the best accommodation for your destination. It can also take care of any booking and confirmation for you.

The majority of resorts require a notice of cancellation of at least 48hrs. A cancellation notice made under the 48hrs time limit will not necessarily be allowed and in some cases may result in additional expenditures.

At the time of your arrival, it is possible that your accommodation might not be immediately available. Generally, the registration is made late in the afternoon to allow the establishment the necessary time to clean the rooms. If your room is not ready upon your arrival, enjoy the opportunity to relax while the hotel takes care of your luggage. You can go eat, make a city tour, or take this time to deal with needed rentals.

Car rentals

Car rentalsIf you have decided to hit the road in a rental car to get to your hotel:

  • Usually, taxes, gasoline and insurance are not included in the package. It is important to check with your insurance company to see if your insurance package applies to car rental.
  • Additional equipment, such as child seats, is normally available.
  • Be careful on the road! Find out about road conditions and make sure you have good indications of the route before leaving the rental agency.
  • Be sure to inform yourself in advance about the local road safety code. This code can provide you with valuable information about the different signs.
  • The local office of the CAA-Quebec can provide you with an international driving permit.


InsuranceA trip is considered a perishable good that may not necessarily be resold:

  • Cancellation insurance is strongly recommended in order to protect the money invested in your holiday.
  • Your insurance coverage can include trip cancellation, interruptions and delays, as well as loss of baggage and accidents.
  • Ask your travel agent for all necessary insurance forms.