Welcome to Australia! Let us help you plan your trip in some of the most mythical landscapes: the Great Barrier Reef, beautiful beaches, and desert outback, unusual geological formations, the vast extensive vineyards and bushes, as well as cosmopolitan cities cannot summarize their only riches of the Australia.

You wish to go on an adventure across vast spaces, to meet kangaroos, koalas or parrots? Avia travel has what you need.

If you wish to be enchanted by the magic of a sunset over Ayers Rock and dine by candlelight in the middle of the desert, or yet, take a 4 x 4 camping safari in the outback. Avia travel has what you need.

Come and drive along the Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. Navigate on the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef and take a swim or even a dive among the black tip sharks. Friends of Avia voyages, Amélie and Gabriel have spent three month in this enchanting continent.

Their journey took them to various locations such as Calangatta, Fraser Island, Surfer Paradise and Alice Spring desert, not to mention Melbourne. Here are some of the wonderful pictures they brought back from their trip.
This is Australia…..